Our Diet Packages

  • This is also known an DETOX WEEK.
  • This trial pack allows you to analysis your own body and what is their actual requirement for normal living.
  • This planner helps you to shred down the toxic water and element from your system and help you to make ready for further weight loss regime.
  • This package is suitable for beginner who wants to lose around 3-4 kg in a month.
  • Diet plan is prepared after proper consultation with client about their Lifestyle, eating habits, eating pattern and all other relevant weight affecting factors.
  • This package is suitable for Healthy weight loss with proper routine diet instructions and following Do’s and Don’ts given to client.
  • This package is appropriate who has a target of losing 8-10 kgs for overall transformation.
  • This is beneficial for clients who wants to lose weight naturally and healthily with given substitutes and alternates for healthy food.
  • Interesting recipes for Nutritional absorbance and effective results will be given to the client.
  • Exercise planner will be given with this package for Body tone up and spot reductions fat loss (eg: Arms, Buttocks, Waist line, Thighs)
  • This package is affordable and convenient for the clients who has a target of losing more than 10 kg.
  • First one-two month weight loss is faster as your body is elimination only toxins and water from your system.
  • But it is not a fat loss hence on going back to routine after initial weight loss body always regain it double weight and in shorter time.
  • This Package is provided with Diet plan, recipe book, maintenance Diet instructions, exercise plan for weight loss as well as Inch loss.