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Oxalic and phytic acid are phytochemicals considered to be anti-nutritional factors as they are predominantly found as oxalates and phytates bound to minerals like calcium and potassium.

Minerals are needed by the human body for various jobs like keeping the bones, muscles and brain working optimally. Minerals are needed to make enzymes and hormones, both essential in keeping the body performing well. There are two types of minerals needed by humans - macrominerals and trace minerals.

Yes, I offer custom diet plan keeping in mind your metabolic health, fat composition, muscle composition, lifestyle, habit, food preference and other factors.

When there are unstable molecules in the body it often comes from the environment or other sources of stress. Antioxidants that are introduced to the body, from natural or synthetic sources, can slow down the damage these free radicals do to the cells of the body.

Phytochemicals play a vital role in the life of a plant. It serves as the plant's defense against fungi, viruses and bacteria. Other phytochemicals can also serve as a deterrent to insects and animals, ensuring that the unwelcome organisms will not consume them.

Weight loss may differ from individual to individual, but as a thumb rule, I have seen people do lose 10% of their body weight i.e. if you are 100kg person, you can expect 10kg loss in three months.