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Most people know Good Nutrition and Physical Activity can help in weight loss regime. But most commonly without proper guidance and lack of knowledge we fail to achieve our desirable results. We must understand the first basic rule of any program is every individual body is different and every individual body requirement is different. When you are trying to lose some extra pounds, we focus more on bigger changes and ignores the small facts but very little changes in your daily routine can make a big difference.

Here let’s focus on small mistakes we tend to do during weight loss

  • Skipping Meals
  • When it comes to weight loss often first thing clicks in mind is reducing food intake. But unfortunately reducing food intake is always considered as skipping meals for losing weight faster. One must never skip meals on very first place when it comes to weight loss specially BREAKFAST. The name itself says its all about “Breaking the Fast”. After the last meal of previous day (Dinner) we have a lot of gap between our next day meal (Breakfast). As this long gap has its own scientific mechanism and reasons to perform like maintaining the organ functions and repairment of tissues and body functions when our body is asleep. Hence the BREAKFAST is very important meal to start your day with for nourishing the requirement of body after the long functional work and further daily requirement of nutrients.

  • Internet Belief
  • Today everything is available on just one click “INTERNET” where you can find an easiest, quickest and simplest answer to our question. But what we forget while searching on internet is that “WE ARE NOT JUST THE ONE” who is asking but It is “JUST THE ONE” answering the same to all of us. Hence, we must.

  • Faulty Diet Tricks
  • Every Diet which is advised by the Dietician has specific reason and requirements according to the person and that is why it is always customised as per the condition to treat and result to obtain. There are varieties of Diet Plans available for Weight loss, Weight Gain, Muscle Gain, Fat loss like Keto Diet, Intermediate Diet, Low card Diet, 0 carb Diet and many more. Without knowing the actual function of Diet prescription, it is not advisable to follow any diet routine blindly.

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